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The art of delegating well in business: 6 tips

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Dispatching can often seem like an impossible task. Scared of undefined goals or of achieving undesired results, leaders cling to micromanagement. How is it possible to ensure the best of performance by getting deeply involved in each department?

1. Establish and plan needs and desired results in advance

To help with that, you need to find a management software, in which every task can be set up in advance with specific deadlines and roles.

2. Take the time to properly train staff

Yes, I know, training can be expensive and take up your time. However, it is a long-term investment. Once employees are well trained, they need much less coaching, so you can put your efforts elsewhere.

3. Determine in which aspect you are most effective

It is important to self-evaluate and put the majority of our efforts on what we do effectively while delegating the tasks we are struggling with.

4. Trust your team

You hired your employees for a reason, and if you followed my tip number 2 your employees are well trained. All you have to do is grasp your courage with both hands and let your team do their job by allowing yourself a little distance. Don't worry, you might be pleasantly surprised with the result.

5. Communicate

It is important within your company to be in constant communication since things are always in flux. You allow your employees to stay abreast of new developments, as well as of effective and ineffective approaches to work, so that they can adjust their working methods as needed.

6. Focus on results, not how to get there

We are all different and have different approaches to achieving the same goal. Don't waste time trying to change an effective method just because it's not yours. Put your efforts into another aspect of your job that will advance your business.

Written by Mégane Deschamps

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