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A Tool that Materializes Object Oriented Management to Administer Your Information

GOOMTool interprets each piece of data individually and attaches it to its parent. It is therefore possible to create each tiny piece of information and attach it to a sub-group, which is then attached to a group. From there, the principle that we call the tree arises.

A Download-Free Web Platform Available Anywhere

You just need access to an internet network and to remember your user name and password, and you’re all set!


Flexible work environment:

Work from the office, from home, at the library, on the road, or on a borrowed computer… you will always have access to what matters.


Automatic updates:

The online updates are performed automatically, so you will never have to worry about them.

Real-Time Project Data and Reports
  • Monitor and manage your project in real time;

  • View the status of an object, a branch, or an entire project in real time;

  • Access a summary of the budget and contributions in real time;

  • Receive constant updates on the progress of your project.

Centralization of Information and Communication
  • Easily access all the documentation and communication concerning an object in a single location;

  • Considerably reduce reliance on emails and shared documents;

  • Work collaboratively on shared objects in real time;

  • Bring together all the information relating to a project (notes, emails, phone conversations, text messages, etc.) in a single place to avoid information dispersion.

Balance Between Structure and Flexibility
  • Organize your project in an intelligible visual structure;Collaborate: delegate branches or objects to other project stakeholders;

  • Customized permissions: assign object-level authorizations.

Workload Management Tools
  • Track your team’s productivity and performance in real time;

  • Avoid micromanagement by assigning clearly defined project roles;

  • Manage the workloads of the people who are performing the tasks.

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