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Public - parapublic sectors

You must implement public policies and carry out operations of a commercial nature, combining the pursuit of your objectives on a strategic plan. The GOOMTooL tool adapts, and offers you the maneuverability to configure your entrepreneurial desires with ease.

Here are some of the areas where the GOOMTool could improve and maximize your business management.
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  • Preparations - Convening, Fixing, Documenting, Agenda in real time, Minutes reports, Documentations, Deadlines.

  • Conduct - Process, Public/Private Attributions, Strategies.

  • Organizational - Assigned, Schedules, Agenda, Workload, Meetings, Compensation of the need for manpower.

  • Human Resources - Employee Profile, Reception, Absences/Holidays, Training, Health & Safety, Evaluations, Schedules.

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