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Best Management Tips For Company Parties

The Christmas party is the time to say thank you and show appreciation for the hard work of your employees.

Organize the Christmas party in committee

First, the organization of the Christmas party is a lot of work which is way too complex for one person to manage. Surround yourself with a team you can count on.

Have a brainstorming session to come up with the best idea, make the decisions as a group and divide up the tasks.

The key is for each committee member to have a specific role and knows their responsibilities.

Make a deadline in the form of a calendar and have short meetings as needed.

Choose a theme, the crucial step

Choosing a theme can greatly simplify your life and help you make your party memorable.

The theme serves as a guideline. Both in terms of music and food.

The time-tested formula is undoubtedly a buffet followed by a dance.

You can choose various themes

Musical, Foodies, Extravagant, Sporty, Murder and Mystery, and so on. Think of CLUE life-size format.

Choose the ideal place

The goal here is to get out of the usual places of work: an external place allows people to decompress and let their hair down.

The last thing your employees want is to end up in the office yet again.

You can go off the beaten path such as restaurants, ski resorts, museums and let your theme guide you.

Don't limit yourself to a cocktail accompanied by a “no crust sandwich” and cocktail sausages.

Choose a caterer

Make sure food is plentiful and of good quality.

Remember to consider different dietary preferences and sensitivities.

Plan and organize

The only things that should be improvised on the evening of the Christmas party are the anecdotes shared among colleagues and the toast of Jean-Sébastien from the sales department.

Make a detailed schedule of activities for before, during and after the office party.

Prepare enough time for the arrival of the guests, decorating, the food and the performances (if there are any).

Detailed organization ahead of time will allow you to fully enjoy your evening.

Create an initiative

Who said the big fun had to take place over a single evening?

Create a buzz before the event by extending the activity.

Send personalized themed invitations to create enthusiasm among your co-workers!

Appoint an official photographer, organize a photobooth or create an Instagram hashtag specific to your evening to collect memories and immortalize the best moments of the evening!

Following the evening, send all your colleagues a link to the photo album or hang the best photos on the wall of your premises.

Plan a safe return home for everyone

Any good holiday party is likely to include alcoholic beverages and it is the social responsibility of any company to ensure that its employees do not hit the road drunk.

Make sure everyone on your team gets home safely by planning transportation home in advance. You can, among other things, organize a shuttle, book taxis in advance, provide direct contact for safe ride services such as Nez rouge, and/or make an agreement with a hotel for rooms at a reduced price.

Take no chances and ensure that no one will be driving home under influence that night!

Written by Pierre Samson

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