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No experience needed to use the GOOMTool

A company's success often depends on its management systems, but these quickly become obsolete and require constant technical support.

With problems come solutions; and we have the solution to management problems.

The GOOMTool - a tool that proclaims you the master of the software.

Even if you are an absolute beginner in software configuration, you can still ask GOOMTool to listen to your requests. You will be able to change an entire environment with a few simple clicks. You will then master the ability to structure and restructure your platform as your business evolves.

Bye-bye logistics teams to add or modify configurations. We make you independent and thus avoid excessive costs and hassles.

Of course, we are here to guide you and, if time is short, we will be happy to configure your processes for you in the GOOMTool, according to your business needs.

You will reap the benefits of nine years of research and development, as well as the power of technological independence - and all this without an IT diploma.

Written by Mégane Deschamps

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