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Automation = peace of mind

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Tasks created automatically - that's what efficiency means. Several management software applications have succeeded in producing a sequence of automated tasks, but it stops there.

At Inteloom, the basis of our expertise is object-oriented management, which means that it is possible to automate all the information that needs to be managed.

It is precisely this ability that makes us shine: with no template to restrict you, you create all the entities you need to manage and the processes that go with them.

In other words, you can automate much more than your tasks.

You can automate:

  • a reminder;

  • an inventory item;

  • a meeting;

  • a task assignment;

  • the change of state of an object;

  • the arrival time of a task on a dashboard;

  • report generation;

  • and more…

In short: any information you can think of, you can automate.

You can pre-plan the lifecycle and participants for an event or a job to be done and then sit back and let the system do what it was programmed to do. All you have to do is sit back and observe the results.

You're welcome!

Written by Mégane Deschamps

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