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How to manage your business resources well: the three most common problems

Whether human, material or financial, your company’s resources define your future business potential. It is imperative for a leader to adapt their decision-making strategy according to the availability of their resources.

Poor resource planning can lead to:

Poor performance within different departments

  • Deadlines that are ill-defined or difficult to predict

  • A team under pressure due to poor planning and the immediate need for results

  • An increased risk of errors due to stress and unsuitable workload

Difficult adaptation to the unexpected

  • Lack of communication within the company

  • Bad delegation

  • Unnecessary expenses

Minor problems become major problems

  • Late problem solving restricting decision-making margins

  • Unnecessary overtime or material costs to resolve a situation


Asking the right questions before starting a project makes it possible to plan costs, deadlines, benefits, the necessary personnel, etc.

Simplify organizational workload through an Object-Oriented Management strategy. By closely evaluating the evolution of the project, it is possible to adjust the planned resources when necessary. This process makes it possible to see the evolution of a task in real time and therefore to plan the adjustment of necessary resources. This approach to work offers you great flexibility to maneuver and an ability to respond to changes and unforeseen events quickly.

Written by Mégane Deschamps

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